Professional Practice

2022 Sentara Healthcare System Nursing Practice Forum, Council, and Committee Shared Governance Toolkit

The Council and Forum toolkit is a resource to be used for successfully leading system Nursing Councils or Practice Forums.

The toolkit includes:

• Professional Practice Model overview
• Shared Decision Making Guidelines

• Role & Responsibilities of Executive Sponsor
• Role & Responsibilities of Chair
• Role & Responsibilities of Chair Elect
• Role & Responsibilities of direct care staff nurse member
• Role & Responsibilities of formal leader/educator member
• Forum and Council purpose statements

Meeting management:
• Charter template
• Membership grid template and tracking template
• Tips for Creating Agendas
• Agenda template
• Minutes template
• Annual report template
• Modified Roberts Rules of Order/voting guidelines

• C 360 Policies, Procedures, and Job Aids
• 2017+ System Nursing Strategic Plan

Continuing Education Resources:
• Educational Resources
• Evidence-Based Practice tip sheet
• Standardized procedural references for nursing