Professional Development

BSN Advancement

Sentara Nursing adopted the aspirational goal of an 80% bachelor’s prepared workforce in response to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing Report recommendation to increase the percentage of Bachelor of Science prepared nurses to greater than 80%.

To strive towards the goal of 80% of Sentara nurses with BSN ongoing improvement goals are set. Key components within Sentara to support academic progression include requirements at some levels for a BSN, tuition assistance, scholarships, college and university discounts, the RN to BSN program at the Sentara College of Health Sciences, flexible staffing and informational sessions.  At the end of September 2021 a 69.1% BSN rate has been achieved and when coupled with nurses with formal contracts to obtain their degrees, places Sentara at a projection level of 82.9%.  The most recent data from places the national percentage of BSN nurses at 57% as of the end of 2018.

System RN Education 6-Year Trend

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Data from OneLink Person Profile HRIS report, 09.31.2021